Alice Lin

WXW画廊今年最后一个展览 'WOW²',从这个名字不难看出这次展览特色所有作品全部是正-方-形的。由于之前玩太嗨了以至于搞错了展览时间,昨天才提交作品。关于这次我的参展作品详情请邮件

WOW x WOW is incredibly proud to present WOW² that all artworks in the show have created in a square format.
The square provides a truly unique set of opportunities for the visual artist. With its equal sides and symmetrical ​properties, it harnesses a distinctive power when it comes to balance and harmony. The traditional compositional ‘rule of thirds’ really goes out the window when working within a square, which creates a very liberating and refreshing sense of freedom. The shape also highlights and strengthens simplified compositions. Negative spaces take on a heightened impact. The square can even be rotated 45 degrees onto its corner, to provide a striking new dynamic and open up a whole host of fresh creative possibilities.

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