Alice Lin

I love unicorn / 我爱独角兽 (纸本设色)
By Alice Lin, 2017.
medium: traditional Chinese ink and pigment on rice paper.

🗝 With my respect, these days I wrote a lot about my art descriptions and interpretations for viewers, it's gonna be a must-do homework.

In this piece of art I wanted to show a dialogue about curiosity, anxiety and energy. Along the way we grow up, sometimes we lost the sense of freshness by the stressful life and monotonous routine. Nevertheless, there's full of energy have still been stucked inside of the body as though creative juice flowing in thoes flowers. Unicorn has an universial concept about dreamland, creativity, fortune and joy. It's an imagery of creative energy and a narrative of mental landscapes. It reminds us childhood's dreams and moving attention into other views to see the world at the same time.

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