Alice Lin

'The Party of Last Night / 昨夜派对' 

pencil on paper / 铅笔素描
在整个9月份将一直展览在WXW画廊, to receive a collecter Preview:

In this piece I want to show a connection of the past and the present. In my experience i had spent a lot of time to learn Chinese traditional art. When I was teen, the first time I visited National Art Museum in Beijing, I was really amazed and found what a strong foundation our past is. It's just like a big great party in the last night and now we are still proud of. This piece was inspirited by the painting ' Shylon Stone' (祥龙石图) by Song dynasty Emperor Zhaoji (1082-1153. A.D.). In the modern world, we are really refined and developed in that way, it's our bedrock and absolutely solid. The Rabbit is a matephor of Present, these days the world's going to be globalized and multicultrualism, it makes us superior to the past, whilst there's always a wareness in mind about we will be getting better or worse in the future..


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